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The Instructors

Oz Fox

Stryper, Bloodgood, Sin Dizzy, Vinyl Tattoo

Oz Fox, known for being a lead guitarist for Stryper and several other groups, started giving private lessons in 1991 after receiving some requests from fans living in Southern California. Not long into this new venture, he was asked to host guitar clinics at local music stores and started teaching at some of them. Read More...

Special Guest Instructors

Howie Simon

Alcatrazz, Jeff Scott Soto Band, Talisman, Graham Bonnet, Alchoholica

Howie began playing guitar at age 6 in his hometown of Buffalo, New York.  His earliest influences were Elvis Presley and KISS. In 1989 Howie joined the East Coast regional touring hard rock act "Ice Water Mansion" where he performed over 300 live shows in 10 different states during a 2 year span. Read More...



Online Guitar Lessons & Guitar Instructional Videos :: Featuring Oz Fox

Sir Oz Academy is online guitar school for online guitar lessons and guitar instructional videos from Oz Fox, founding member of Stryper. Oz will teach you how to play the guitar. Begin with a free guitar lesson. The Academy is more than just guitar for beginners; we offer electric guitar lessons, rock guitar lessons, guitar scales and modes lessons, lead guitar lessons and more. Oz Fox is a recording artist who played with the band Stryper and recorded songs such as Soldiers Under Command, Calling On You, Free, More Than a Man, To Hell With the Devil and The Way. Guitar instructional videos are added regularly including free guitar lessons and/or tutorials on how to tune the guitar, guitar scales, picking techniques, guitar chords and so much more. What are you waiting for?
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