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Terms / Conditions of Use

All videos are recorded and are not live instructions. These videos are presented in instructional online fashion and are a collection of the Oz Fox methods of practicing, drilling and style for guitar playing which are available for a limited amount of time based on method of payment agreed to by subscriber. All videos are subject to change including updating or deletion at the desecration of "SirOzAcademy" and its staff. Videos will be added to the SOA libraray as time permits by Oz Fox or SOA staff.

Subscription fees are as follows:

Monthly subscription are as follows. The first and second month is charged to your card at $24.99 each non-refundable. Each additional month is billed at $10.99 per month. You may cancel anytime after the first 2 months. All dollars are in USD.

Annual subscription is billed at $99 paid up front in full (USD). No refunds.

Lifetime subscription is billed at $399 one time fee. Lifetime subscriptions are subject to the following terms and limitations:

  1. Lifetime subscriptions are for access to existing prerecorded video lessons in the library which includes all future video lessons, worksheets and guest interviews.
  2. Lifetime subscriptions are good for the life of SirOzAcademy or the future SirOzAcademy LLC.
  3. No refunds will be given for any reason.

About the Videos

Videos are designed for intermediate to advanced guitarists. Sir Oz Academy will not be responsible if the videos are too advanced or not advanced enough for the subscriber.

Subscriber agrees to accept Sir Oz Academy videos, any web content or downloadable files "as is" without any warranty of any kind.

These videos were created to work on most devices and are formatted to the latest browser codes

"Sir Oz Academy" will not be responsible for any damages inflicted to subscribers computer or device from downloading any software to play videos.

Account Information

Sir Oz Academy will not share subscribers private information with anyone other than trusted staff. Emails may be used to promote events occurring with "Sir Oz Academy" or Oz Fox and his performing schedule, album releases, merchandise, etc. collects personal information for access to the website. Subscribers user name, passwords and other peronal information collected are solely for the use of Sir Oz Academy and will not be sold or distributed.

Cancellation Information

Monthly Subscription - You may cancel your account anytime after the first 2 months, known as the trial period. Starting on the 3rd month, you must cancel by 5 days before your auto billing renewal date. Your renewal is on the same date you subcsribed each month. No refunds are given if cancellation is after auto billing date.

Annual/Yearly Subscription - There are no refunds if you paid for an Annual Subscription and cancel before the end of the year subscription. To cancel the upcoming year, you must cancel 5 days before your renewal date. Your renewal date is exactly one year (365 Days) from the date you originally subscribed.

You may request cancellation by emailing A cancellation request by phone will not be accepted.

Subscription can not be sold or transferred.


Online Guitar Lessons & Guitar Instructional Videos :: Featuring Oz Fox

Sir Oz Academy is online guitar school for online guitar lessons and guitar instructional videos from Oz Fox, founding member of Stryper. Oz will teach you how to play the guitar. Begin with a free guitar lesson. The Academy is more than just guitar for beginners; we offer electric guitar lessons, rock guitar lessons, guitar scales and modes lessons, lead guitar lessons and more. Oz Fox is a recording artist who played with the band Stryper and recorded songs such as Soldiers Under Command, Calling On You, Free, More Than a Man, To Hell With the Devil and The Way. Guitar instructional videos are added regularly including free guitar lessons and/or tutorials on how to tune the guitar, guitar scales, picking techniques, guitar chords and so much more. What are you waiting for?
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